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Swimming Pool Retail Academy: How Pools Operate

Welcome to Swimming Pool Academy! Please print out the course worksheets located under the “Additional References” tab. These worksheets were created to help you follow along with the course material and prepare you for the final exam.

In order to receive your certificate of completion you must complete all content and pass the final exam with an 80%.

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Course Features:
-Guides student through 100+ Terms and 200+ pieces of multimedia content Includes 100+ photographs, 100+ illustrations, plus dozens of animations, interactive elements, and videos
-Instructional design based on the brain science behind learning and memory
-Developed in partnership with leading pool dealers
-2 1/2 Hours of online content & 2 1/2 Hours of offline activities to reinforce learning

Course Content:

  • Circulation
  • Filtration
  • Cleaning
  • Types of Pools
  • Chemistry and the Swimmer
  • Chemistry and the Pool

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