Water Quality: Advanced Water Purification Technologies


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Advanced Water Purification Technologies

Long after the pool is built and the excitement of this beautiful new addition to their home is completed, the client is left with one on-going issue: water quality. No matter how beautiful the water feature is, if the water quality is poor, the experience is greatly diminished. Learn how to improve water quality and prevent recreational water illnesses while simultaneously reducing the chlorine and pH chemicals in the water. Provide your client with the best possible water quality for a long-term satisfied customer.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe chlorine, ozone, and ultraviolet sterilization technologies for the watershaping industry.
  • List facts and fallacies of alternative water purification technologies.
  • Outline a strategy for properly sizing ozone generators, injectors, contact tanks, and other components.
  • Discuss how to market, value, and sell advanced water treatment systems.

CEUs: 1

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