Water Quality: Healthy Water, Better Pools


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Healthy Water, Better Pools

Pool management is a significant contributor to optimal cost, compliance, and enjoyment in public swimming pools. In the absence of strict regulations, and greater insight into water quality, continuous improvement in pool management remains elusive to most pool managers and operators. However, swimmers bring microorganisms and organic substances voluntarily or involuntarily into the water, which can adversely affect pool water and air quality. The presentation will present pathways for proactively adopting additional water quality metrics to measure and improve outcomes. Case study data will compare other jurisdictions and present a rationale for improved management. Operational cost and energy savings could drive this approach forward until regulations become more integrated over time.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss swimmer and lifeguard comfort.
  • Examine health concerns through air and water quality.
  • Define process control optimization.

CEUs: 1


  • Dr. Yamuna Vadasarukkai
  • Ludo Feyen, MSc. Eur. Ing

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